Joint Research Project Reporting Program by The University of Tokyo Hori-Fujimoto Laboratory and TAJIMA MOTOR Corporation
December 14, 2018

TAJIMA MOTOR Corporation and Hori-Fujimoto Laboratory held a session to report and announce results regarding their joint research project at the Fukutake hall of The University of Tokyo.

TAJIMA MOTOR Corporation and Hori-Fujimoto Laboratory conducted various research, development and experiments using a testbed “Hyper EV Development Vehicle” and reached maturity to a degree in which initiated them to hold a reporting session to present the fruition of results.

Chairman and CEO of TAJIMA MOTOR Corporation, Mr. Nobuhiro Tajima first provided the project overview to the audience, then after Mr. Fuse from Hori-Fujimoto Laboratory briefed the experiment results, then Representative of KEN OKUYAMA DESIGN Mr. Kiyoyuki Okuyama revealed concept sketches. Following, other corporate and government authorities from related ministries reported their work toward electric vehicles and actions toward environmental problems (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism / Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry / Ministry of the Environment, Iwaki City Government)

TAJIMA MOTOR Corporation will constantly strive to work toward the development and sales launch of the vehicles announced at this session.

*TAJIMA MOTOR Corporation is looking for suppliers in Japan who can collaborate with various EV development projects and production. Interested applicants, please contact below

[The New Development Vehicle]

Monster E-Runner KODE6
  • [1] 6 Wheel Hyper EV MONSTER E-RUNNER Kode6
    The worlds highest performance and exterior styled hyper sports car
  • [2] Green Slow Mobility E-RUNNER GSM1
    Low speed vehicle for sightseeing tours, personnel transport for facilities or closed areas
    (Planned for autonomous driving, driverless mobility)
  • [3] Ultra Compact Mobility (Passenger Vehicle) E-RUNNER ULP1
    Short distance 2 passenger mobility optimized for domestic and overseas use
  • [4] Motorized 4 Wheel (Delivery car) E-RUNNER MD1
    Small profile convenient 4-wheel van for delivering goods
  • [5] Motorized 4 Wheel (Assistive vehicle with electric wheel chair) E-RUNNER MLC1
    Convenient and easy to use 4-wheel car which can be operated by electric wheel chair controls

[Speakers / Speech Content]

  • [1] Association for the Promotion of Electric Vehicles Honorary Chairman, Soichiro Fukutake
    Message delivered by APEV Director General, Mamoru Shiiki
  • [2] TAJIMA MOTOR Corporation Chairman and CEO, Nobuhiro Tajima
    New EV business plan overview
  • [3] The University of Tokyo Hori-Fujimoto Laboratory, Hiroyuki Fuse
    Hori-Fujimoto Laboratory & TAJIMA MOTOR Corporation joint project, independent control research result
  • [4] TAJIMA MOTOR Corporation Executive Director, Shinji Ishii
    Monster Motor System development overview
  • [5] KEN OKUYAMA DESIGN Representative, Ken Okuyama
    New EV concept overview
  • [6] 4R Energy Corporation President and CEO, Eiji Makino
    4R Energy business overview
  • [7] Global Head of Sales of EasyMile, Eric WICART
    New Driverless service business overview
  • [8] KDDI Corporation Business IoT Sales Division Group Leader, Hirofumi Fukuda
    IoT Service for EV overview
  • [9] TechnoPro Inc. Chief Executive Director
    TechnoPro Design Company President, Manabu Shimaoka
    Human resource development for the future society with EV
  • [10] Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Policy Bureau
    Environmental Policy Section, Deputy Manager, Mayo Mieno
    Green Slow Mobility
  • [11] Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Economic and Industrial Policy Bureau,
    Industry Creation Policy Division, Deputy Manager, Wataru Toyofuku
    Engaging the 4th Industrial Revolution
  • [12] Ministry of Environment, Waste & Recycling Bureau, Assistant General Manager, Seiji Moriyama
    Fukushima Revival- Planning the Future Project
  • [13] Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture, Mayor, Toshio Shimizu
    Introduction of activities relating to Iwaki City’s ‘Battery Valley’ project