Chassis design for electric cars

Electric car needs original design because weight and the capacity of the vehicle component are different from the engine car with the electric car.

-The placement of battery and the controller which are heavy products.

-The design of a motor mount and the drive.

-Charge machinery and tools, the placement of the connector for charge and design.



High voltage circuitry for electric cars

The security of a crewman and a mechanic / the vehicle production worker is demanded to have a high voltage circuit for run power with the electric car.

-The position relations of a high voltage circuit, battery and driver.

-Vehicle securing of safety when I get it ready.

-Installment of the safe plug, the consideration of the safe cover.



Design and fabrication of the conversion vehicle

Conversion kit can assume existing gasoline / diesel engine vehicle it to a electric car. We design an adapter for conversion, mounts with the most suitable shape and produce it. We hear readjustment of the suspension by the change of the weight balance or the confirmation of the turn of speed and placement of the component to the floor shape of the vehicle, an electric circuitry,



Design and fabrication of the original vehicle

We produce and design and trial manufacture your company original vehicles of the original chassis. Development including a wind tunnel examination and the strength analysis of the chassis, a hardness examination is possible. Lightweighting design and carbon composite is also possible. Correspondence with few mass productions, we produce high cost performance vehicles.