Mynavi Premium Internship at TAJIMA Next Generation Mobility R&D Center "Next-Gen mobility, GoPro and Camping car, Experience and Discover everything TAJIMA!!"

Internship and New Employee Orientation event at TAJIMA Fukuroi International Next Generation Car Center on Saturday, June 26, 2020 July 18, 2020.

Because TAJIMA operates many businesses like: GoPro, Porsche, Lamborghini, Next-Gen Mobility development, disaster-management utility, anti-viral services, we have planned out the Premium Internship, a 1 day event to experience it all.

We are opening our R&D facility for the entire day and gathered employees from all departments so we could be there to support your dreams.

Experience the freedom and dreams of our transparent company, ask any questions to currently working employees, and if you would insist, we could setup a job interview for you on the same day.


1. TAJIMA operates a wide range of businesses across many categories and the 1-day event would allow experience a majority of it. You may find your dream here or a good idea where to start.

2. All employees from all classes will be there; Engineers to develop mobility technology, GoPro Sales Operative. You will get a chance to ask questions directly to the staff most relevant.

Orientation Program

= Organization Overview
= Next-Gen Mobility R&D center tour 3D Digital Technology demonstation: 3D CAD/CAM, MC/NC
= EV Mini Sport, Developer interview and behind the scenes stories
= EV Mini Sport test ride session (also GoPro photo/video session )
= GoPro Video Editing seminar
= TAJIMA Products & Services Overview